Training our youngsters

The training of our young stock is extremely important to us.  We want our customers to know that all Anglia Park younsters are professionally broken and trained by Steve and Bardie Mannix of Kintail Equestrian Services who have a wealth of knowledge in training and competing horses.   Steve takes on young horses for handling - teaching them to be caught, face up, lead, load on to the float, have their legs and feet handled and general handling so that they have a positive start.  We want our youngsters to go to good competition homes and become successful.  Some are sold as weanlings to vetted homes but mostly we are aiming to sell our youngsters once they are broken and are happily competing.

Some are broken at the age of 2 and then put out to graze with the other youngsters and then sent back to Steve when they are 3 for a refresher course and others are left until they are 3 and then broken and trained and started straight away.