Stud FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Will I be required to sign a contract before my mare is serviced by Wingana Gideon -y es we can email a copy of our contract papers to you upon request.
  • Will my mare have to be swabbed before she is served by Wingana Gideon? - It depends, it may be necessary for a breeding swab to be carried out especially if your mare has had previous foals - prior to service (1-2 days for result).  This can be done by your own vet prior to service or when she arrives at Anglia Park. 
  • Does my mare need to be vaccinated - yes we will require to see vaccination certificates for Tetanus and Strangles and in some cases for Hendra.  If your mare has not been vaccinated she will be automatically vaccinated upon arrival at Stud.
  • Will I need to remove my mare's shoes before arrival at Anglia Park? - y es.
  • What type of service do you offer - e ither hand service or frozen semen is available. 
  • What accommodation will my mare have while on agistment with Anglia Park Stud -           your mare has a choice of her own fully fenced paddock with field shelter or a shared paddock with another visiting mare.  In any event she will be treated as though she were one of our own (ie. like a princess!)
  • What do you charge for agistment? - $16 plus GST per day for individual paddock or $12 plus GST for shared, In both cases lucerne hay is supplied twice a day. 
  • Can I come and see Wingana Gideon -          yes visitors are always welcome, but please phone for an appointment so that we can make sure to have time to spend with you.